I really like Deidara... don't you? :)

This is only one of my 1,000,000,000... and so on... you get the piont!! ENJOY THE PICS!!!!

            Hey there peoples its me agian hope you are enjoying the pictures if you peoples want any of these there is alot more pages that are going to be coming, so this is sort like one of those "Coming Soon"  papers you see in you favorite stores when you just saw that "Coming Soon" item on T.V. and you just can't wait for that item to come out into stores and its coming out next year!!! sorry I got kind of carried away thier ...but you can understand what I mean..... right? RIGHT?! ohhh boy now I'm talking to a computer.. i'm going crazy...*puts head in hands* what would Deidara think... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! NOW I'M TALKING ABOUT A PERSON WHO DOESN'T EVEN EXIST!!!!! I really am going crazy... T_T Someone help me...please. *looks up into the sky and starts begging* now i'm talking yto the sky... its never going to stop is it?


Isn't this deidara soooo cute? i know your probably thining AWWWWWW... I know I know I smart!!!!